The wind from the stars

Star Association to join the Rose contract to become a career PVE clan _5046Just received the news wow powerleveling!The wind from the stars wow po, president of depression published in the stars posts of the forum members area :Click on image to enlargeThe Association will be held August 1 , Rose contract online club .Our association will follow the footsteps of Ensidia 's attempt to commercialization .The establishment of the Association will be held August 1 and the Rose Society of contract stars Rose contract online club , after the Star Association will serve as a PVE 's team in the Rose contract online club . Our external will be claiming the Rose contract online club Star Association .Rose Compact Club will Star Association to fulfill the following commitments:1 ) Rose Compact Club one-time infusion Star Association of 50 cheapest aion gold,000 names of currency co-operation costs . (Due to the Association no physical money in my private account , I will stand recorded in the accounts of each overhead )2 ) Thereafter Star Association every copy of the world rankings to give 50 000 -10 million yuan reward . ( First honor is the 3.2 version)3 ) Thereafter Star Association , all the honor belongs to all members of the Rose contract online club .Note: Rose contract service personnel by the thorn of a haughty spirit of the server to the Crystal server wow eu gold, and join the Star Association .The opening up of the national costume WLK , Rose Compact Club will re-establish a team to win the world ranking .[ 1] [2 ] Next

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